Friday, March 07, 2008

The world keeps turning

I was reading Hystersisters the other day and felt very sad about a story of a 22 year old women who has to have surgery for her cancer and she found it hard to tell her parents. Not for the usual reasons but because they are deeply religious and her father does not believe in medical treatment. She has decided to go ahead, knowing it's the right thing for her but also knowing that he may disown her. I can't imagine how she must feel - cancer is isolating enough without being rejected by the people you need the most.

I've been feeling a bit bleurgh this week - not sure why. Perhaps it's something to do with my results - it's all good but I sometimes feel that it's never over. Perhaps it's because I've been reading more stories about more women who are dealing with cancer and all the crap it brings.

I'm disappointed in some of the people on Jo's - not the people I know and trust, but once again there's been bitchiness. Not so much public but it makes me feel sad that people can be so cruel. It's odd how things like that immediately transport you back to school and that feeling of realising that people can be really really nasty.

And of course as much as you want to change the world you realise that you can't change people - they can only change themselves and their own behaviour and they have to acknowledge that first.

Funny too how just typing this has made me feel better - to get it out of my head!!

Z x

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hospital results - good news

Have just got back from the hospital and the news is pretty good – my sehcat scan (the bile absorbency one) was the most normal they’d ever seen, bloods were fine. The polyp they removed was NOT cancerous (phew). I have got low level radiation damage which is the cause of my digestion issues – the not so good news is that I’ll have to watch my fibre intake forever, but can experiment a bit. Am thinking that I’m going to be conservative for a while and perhaps slowly add more fruit and veg, but not risk the pulses and wholegrains in the short/medium term. A bit relief though.

We love Dr Andreyev – you gotta love someone who you can talk to about poo without any hints of that mad Scottish bint called Gillian Mackeith, who really is full of ****.

Z xxx