Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Marathons, the Marsden and Me

Matt reminded me how long it was since I've written - my mind has been on other things over the last few months which is probably a good thing. Christmas was a blur of cooking and present buying and wrapping and socialising just like it was for everyone else on the planet (who celebrates at that time of year).

I was glad it was over - although I love Christmas I found it particulary exhausting this time around. Still I loved hosting our first proper party in our house and will hopefully make it an annual event. We finished decorating the study which caused chaos but it's well worth it and is a room that is not only organised but a wonderful environment to work, create and study in.

The new year has brought fresh challenges and fresh energy for both me and Matt. He's started his marathon training in earnest (he's raising money for the Marsden which is the best hospital in the world and in need of support since the massive fire that's closed the ward I was in). I'm so proud of him!! We will be prodding people for sponsorship so be warned!! We were also relieved that Matt's company chose to renew his contract for another year - after a scary December when they announced and implemented cut backs.

I'm working really hard on the pilates and getting fitter and am looking forward to possibly having some work as an apprentice in April, as well as getting teaching practise in by teaching Matt and Jayne. I'm pondering whether to delay my exam until I have some more experience under my belt (it won't effect the job and in fact will be benefitted by the work so it's not a cop out!!). I'm really loving it but need to get my confidence up a bit.

But all this hard work means that we're a little anti social as we've both both to be slightly single minded and supportive of each other's efforts! It's lots of early starts and less alcohol!

I'm also trying to get my head around my new diet which is low fibre and of course opposite to anything I'm used to. I'm undergoing lots of tests because I have some issues with my guts which have arisen since radiotherapy. I have a lovely GI consultant who is being very helpful and a dietician who's helping me find the right balance. Things may change when all the tests are in but so far the difference is huge and I'm feeling better - and losing weight. I still have to be wary of the fatigue which can hit me like a train - but I'm working out how to balance being energetic and not overdoing it and am allowing my self rest days.

Finally more good news - my three monthly checkups have been upgraded to 6 months and I'm nearly at the 2 year cancer free mark. It's a fantastic feeling!!

Much love

Z xxxx