Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A busy bee

This week I have almost a whole week at home which I think is pretty the first time since I stopped work. So much for being a lazy housewife.

I've been doing more campaigning stuff which has been fun and took me to a breakfast meeting at the House of Commons which was great and unexpectedly put my faith back in the Labour Party (further assisted by Tony resigning, Hurrah!). I do wish we could vote by person and not locally sometimes. Especially as our local branch of the Labour party is split over a new development (which we are opposing) and it's handbags at dawn.

My course started on Sunday - an intro to anatomy which was 9-5 and very well presented (not too medical and boring) but it made my brain hurt. I was bearly able to function afterwards. I think it's the first full day of anything I've done for ages! Now I have revision to do for the next installment! Oh joy.

I've also bitten the bullet and gone on a diet - not a faddy one, but a sensible one that monitors your food intake and exercise and stuff. HRT may be good but it really piles on the pounds and I want to hit 40 on the way to being fabulous again.