Thursday, August 23, 2007


I've realised that an update here is well over due and I have no excuse apart from excessive busyness.

Our trip to the US was fantastic and I will post some pictures soon. It was lovely to travel to DC to see Ann and Jon and family and to catch up on news and compare notes on treatment etc. It was great fun and truly family time and much needed.

We then headed to Utah which in all honestly we were a little apprehensive about - let's face it it's not a typical tourist destination. I knew that we would be welcomed with open arms and we were. Seeing Jen and Bob so radiantly happy was a wonderful thing - and to catch up with my wise woman Sissy was incredibly special - made better only by the addition of the gorgeous Annabella who at 2 was using her feminine wiles to steal my husband. Believe me, I could have taken her plump cuteness home with us. And then there was Susan who we spent a lot of time with and forged a new friendship with.

Utah in itself was really terrific - beautiful mountains and hot dry heat - we'd definately go back in a heartbeat. Enjoyed lots of fabulous food and good beer and wine (yes you CAN drink there!!). Didn't see the lake or much of SLC which was probably a good thing and were not converted to being mormons. Just met a lot of friendly, kind and very hard working people and explored and went white water rafting (SO MUCH FUN).

To New York which after the peace of Utah was a bit of a culture shock, but still it was NYC and felt like being on a movie set. I proved to Matt that after a diet of old movies and Sex in the City epsisodes that I could catch a yellow cab prettydamnwellthankyouverymuch. It just took patience, observation and a little bit of assertiveness - coupled with the female advantage. Again some AMAZING food, an incredible storm, shopping, walks through central park, exploring different districts, shopping, the Empire State Building, a boat trip around the island and catching up with Alan and visiting New England (and seeing Johnny Depp's house) made for a good rounded visit.

Our feet had hardly touched English soil when my course started - and the first weekend was made interesting by most of Central England being under water - including Oxfordshire. It added to the adventure I guess!

Having just finished the second weekend I can safely say I LOVE doing this. Pilates is helping my body, but I can also see where I can use it to help others like me. It really is something I feel passionate about. The course is physically demanding, but I'm coping better than I expected. I just need to get over my nerves of actually teaching!! Am really really enjoying it though! Can't you tell?

Just after the first weekend, Col arrived for about 10 days - it was great to see him and we had a few adventures - with me driving our new car. His book is out now which is very exciting - especially as it's now available on Amazon. It's called Understanding Genes and GMOs - and is written in layman's terms for the non sciency person to understand!

The garden is doing pretty well - though everything is well watered it could do with more sun to ripen the tomatoes. The other downside to the rain is the plague of the most enormous slugs. Urgh.

Despite the horrible weather we were blessed with a wonderful weekend and I was able to take my balloon trip to celebrate my 40th. I can't say much more than it was one of the loveliest things I've ever done. I felt safe and secure and was never once nervous of being up high. It's like a form of meditation - just drifting along watching clouds and seeing the land across Oxfordshire from a new perspective. I'd definately do it again!

This weekend we're off to Yorkshire to see the out-laws and swing in trees should be great fun! This year really is the year for trying new things and adventures.

And then it's our second wedding anniversary - this year has whizzed by after the stress of the first year. Lots has changed and lots hasn't. They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and I guess that's true - our relationship grows and grows and we're having fun again and you can't get better than that.

Z xxx