Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Christmas - where did the year go?

This year went so fast and so much happened that Matt and I barely had time to draw breath.

He DID finish the marathon - and thanks you all for your love and support. He was supposed write a note here but never got around to it. Needless to say I was incredibly proud and it was a funny moment
when, just before the finish line I squeezed my way to the front of the crowd where two nice, burly blokes let me stand and shout "I LOVE YOU MATT!!" as he passed - and they both joined in shouting "WE LOVE YOU MATT" as well.

After that we concentrated on getting back to normal (huh!) and I worked hard for my exam - a series of events leading up to it (including a trip tp A&E) meant that I was very nervous and stressed and although I passed my teaching component, I failed the theory. The good news is that I
retook it a few weeks ago and I'm now a Stott certified Mat and Reformer instructor.

We had a quick holiday in Barcelona which was wonderful but too short and then home to the maddess of planning a wedding at short notice. Not ours of course but Jayne and Joss finally tied the knot after 15 years - it was a wonderful time and lots of fun and love and laughter marked the celebration. (Some pics below).

Alas after the joy of that day we had just about recovered when my grandmother in Aus passed away so I had to make an emergency dash to go to the funeral - she had been sick for a long time and was quite old so in someways it was the best thing and it was a bittersweet time seeing the family.

We're so far managing to deal with the credit crunch, though you can never be too sure what around the corner - I've started working in a new pilates studio so we're trying our hardest to get new clients and while it's quiet around now due to Christmas we've pleasantly surprised - and with this experience behind me I may be able to get work in other places too.

So our Christmas this year will be spent with my Australian family in WA - it will be a new experience for Matt to have an Aussie Chrissie but we're looking forward to seeing everyone in happier times and getting some sun.

We're hoping that everyone has a happy 2009 - there's been some highs and lows that I've not been able to mention because they are not our stories although we've been involved in someway. So less of the extremes this time and let's see a new optimistic, but a bit more grounded New Year.

Merry Christmas one and all

Zoë xoxoxoxo