Wednesday, June 15, 2011

10 weeks and it feels like it has always been so

Poppet has been with us for exactly 10 weeks and in that time we've had 4 molars, 2 colds (us included), some tears and lots of laughter.

It has been an adjustment - it was 0-500 mph instantly and of course we have had challenges. The hardest thing is not knowing certain things about her background so there have been some question marks and worries. A few of those got answered or confirmed at yesterday's LAC meeting and suddenly things start to make sense. I'm pleased that our instincts were right, and that what we suspected was not normal toddler behaviour, is indeed probably the product of her early experiences.

There are also times when she needs a lot of reassurance and she is very unsettled - especially after meetings and contact visits, but we'll have less soon and she will hopefully realise that she is staying with us and won't be moving again.

That said, there's nothing we can't handle as it's not major stuff, but we do need to try and work through these things to knock them on the head. But the fact is she is thriving - she's grown, has much more hair, is healthy and is a hurricane of energy and mischief and is bright and inquisitive. She looks like our child, and feels like it too.

Her words are ever increasing and she's growing in confidence - quite able to boss Mummy (and Daddy) about.

And how are we doing? - well parenting is not brain surgery, it's a lot of common sense and patience but is well worth the rewards. There are times when it's not been easy - and I'm not going to pretend otherwise, but we are a team and are working it out. Currently it's full on because we can't use childcare or sitters so there's a lot of compromise to ensure we both get some space and breathing time.

But she's brilliant and we love her to bits and there's nothing better than hearing your child laugh or watch her explore and discover things or watch her sleeping. Or laughing at her way of saying things or singing "Wo Wo Wo" at the top of her voice.

And the cats? Well they are realising that she's not going anywhere and are adjusting too. Still a bit miffed, but cats do miffed so well and milk it a little bit.

Hopefully will be able to update this more regularly, but for now I need to go as she's woken up.

Z x

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Cate said...

We've got 2 cats and 2 children. One of the cats is still refusing to have anything to do with the kids, and the oldest one is now 4... :o) Fortunately the other one is daft and happy to be mauled, prodded, poked, grabbed, sat on, etc etc!